Working with T……………….

Working with T……………….

Perception from afar

She is not a nice person and comments like that were what I heard about her from a distance
Could she be that bad? I thought to myself. Well, it didn’t take me much time to discard the comments as people’s opinion which can be distorted based on different emotions and sentiments. The first time I had a close working relationship with her, I had to stop myself from asking her please how did you that when she detected a mistake in my work within seconds of reviewing a task that had taken me quite a while to do it. Wow, she must be good at what she does, I thought to myself and I would like to learn from her. Well this prayer was answered in a period not too far off in the future.

One on One Perception
Biodun, can you please come?
Yes, give me a few minutes or okay I am coming. That would be my response whenever she called. This call always made me have mixed thoughts and there were times I would chastise myself over them.

I learnt by the day from her and I wanted to be like her because she had a lot of good that I had seen play out sincerely. In trying to be like her, I learnt that I am me and can never be her. I could only pick up skills I admired and which could add to me as a person.

She would correct my errors with patience that amazed me so much that even if my KPI was affected didn’t get to me as much as I disliked her correcting me over my work.

I loved working with her because it was learning all the way. Though, it was not all perfect and rosy but I still did and it felt like my ears were not working well when she told me she was leaving and it felt like, what’s next?

Well, there’s more left for me but I am happy that I was able to work with her and learn from her. I would really miss working with Tope Salako.

I am really grateful that I knew her, I am grateful that she was here while I worked with Orange Groups and that she impacted me positively and I allowed her to.

Most importantly, a lesson this has re-emphasized for me is to never conclude on people with the opinions of other people. It could be true or false but till you are able to verify the authenticity, it would do you, the person in question and the world at large to keep quiet or speak what you are sure of and not what someone else said.
Your words could make or mar someone else’s life.

Few Questions for all of us from this are:

  1. Do we impact in the lives of people we meet and relate with positively
  2. Do we allow others to impact in our lives positively

There is always something for you to learn from others and vice-versa

Love and Regards

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