Why do we suffer Hardships?

So it’s not news that everyone faces one form of hardship or the other at different times in our lives.
I read Reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed’s and a parting comment caught my attention and the words rang true.

The words are “we always ask God to cure us of our hardships but we never stop to consider that our hardships are curing us” These words are packed full with wisdom for someone who is open though some might disagree. A typical example is this, have you observed how people behave when they are perfectly fine and their disposition when they are afflicted with a particular illness or the disposition of someone who is fasting?  I am sure you can picture the difference in your mind’s eye as I relate it.
Man by nature is very forgetful and that’s the reason why God created hardships. To serve as a reminder on how weak we are. God could have decided to let us have all we want but he chose not to and this further serves as a show of the love he has for us and not wanting us to fall astray. So he pushes this our way so that we do not forget. The amazing part to this is that for every pain we feel, our sins get forgiven by God. So he does not just give us hardships but he rewards us if we choose to face them with the right attitude.

A further analysis I would like to share with you is this. Think of someone you know who is very rich, comfortable and seems to have everything they want. This kind of people most times do not remember that how limited their capabilities are because they seem to have it all, these people are the type that would use their wealth to oppress the needy and poor. However, somewhere along the line some would suffer a loss while the other would continue to have it all like they want.

The mistake we make most times is when we feel having the wealth for all times is what make you successful even when that wealth serves nobody but you good and for the one who suffers some lack, we think they are being punished or not successful. However the truth is if the lack suffered brings the person closer to God than the one who does not lack at all, then that itself is the love and success we should crave for not that will take us further away from God.

A classic example is depicted when a parent tries to teach a child a lesson by taking away something from them. This act is due to the love the parent has for the child and not because they hate the child. When parents do not correct their children when they misbehave, the child continues to go astray until they go out of control but for the parent that wants the best for their ward, they bring them back to order at different times and this children Bi Idhnillah, turn out okay and better than the child that was not corrected.

This is the same thing God does when he takes away something from us so that we do not go astray totally
Exalted and glorified are you above all that you are falsely associated with.

Love and Regards.

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