When that Fall/Past is but a blessing

Our journey in life is a funny but interesting one. You know as we travel on our journey in life, we face different experiences. At times, we fall into sins or we engage in actions that we are not so proud of. So you now start afresh with your intentions but even with all your good intentions, there is still a nagging thought at the back of your mind telling you that you deeds are not accepted. That Almighty Allaah has not forgiven you and this could create a sense of despair in you.

You struggle with this because despair is from Shaytaan and he wants you to be like him. You strive and become stronger in your resolve not to go back. Amidst all of these, there is something that I learnt and inspired this. While you may have done so many things you are not proud of and Shaytaan keeps reminding you of them at every instance and you regret so much that you want to change the past but you can’t change the past yet Shaytaan does not let you be.

Have you ever thought about it that those things you were not so proud of only meant to bring you back to Allaah? Further, have you ever reflected on how when we have had something for a long time, we do not appreciate them but someone who has had them for a shorter period values and treasures them more than you and you can’t seem to wonder why.

For us who were born as Muslims, many of us do not really appreciate the gift we have been blessed with but for people who are reverts, they appreciate it much more than we do and are stronger than most of us that have had since birth.

When Shaytaan disturbs you with your past and you are down. Have you thought about it that maybe Allaah being the merciful master he is allowed go through those period so that you might really appreciate the gift of guidance when he opens your mind again. Reflecting on the story of Musa (AS) when he went before the pharaoh asking him to believe in Allaah and he was challenged to prove right the message he bought before him. The magicians pharaoh invited were previously not guided but seeing  the miracle performed by Allaah through Musa(AS), they fell in prostration immediately and their faith became so strong and was not shaken despite the  threat issued by pharaoh because what they had previously.

We are advised to appreciate what we have been blessed with but we also need to appreciate that the past should not be a source of worry but something that helps us appreciate the gift of guidance more than ever. Yes, feel remorse over it but not despair over it. Shaytaan wants us to despair but we are told that our Rabb is all forgiving and most forgiving.

So, whenever, it feels like you are about to give in remember that it’s a task to be free from Shaytaan’s treachery but with your faith, your efforts and your Rabb, you will defeat him In Shaa Allaah.

May we all be reunited in Al-Jannah Firdaws.  Ameen

Love and Regards.

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