A void in the space left

“Its not what we lose but how we respond to the loss”

Suddenly, you left without a trace
I never got the chance to say goodbye
Calm and cool I was
That I could be this calm after your departure
The pain came only after I was by myself
There was this emptiness that I did not understand where it came from
But I thought the calm I felt after your loss would quell every feeling that would arise
Alas, I did not the extent of your worth until you were gone
Gone forever, never to be seen again
Why do I feel so?
After all, nothing is actually irreplaceable
Rise I must, after this loss
Nothing is worth my sanity and peace of mind
In life, we meet to part and we part to meet
This makes you appreciate what you have even before you lose it
Though, I will never see you again
But I would cherish the times we had together and value what I have before it’s all gone
Because Life is too short to spend on regrets
Thoughts like “If I had”, “Maybe” etc do not have a space in my life
You served your purpose while it lasted and I would remember them
I have to move on just like you have to a better purpose

This was inspired by the loss of something very valuable to me and is dedicated to everyone who has lost someone or something very dear, special and precious to them that regardless of your loss, you owe yourself better by moving on because the world needs you and also remember that when you lose something, its replaced by something better if you have the right mindset towards the loss.

Love and Regards

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