Value what you have before you lose it!

         Recently, I embarked on a journey into the Quran and it has been enlightening and wonderful. Before now, I had a relationship with this awesome book but it wasn’t as beautiful like it should. However, I embarked on this lifetime journey because God never stops speaking to us but we rarely take time to listen to the messages he sends to us through his noble book.

The essence of this write up is to highlight an incidence that made me realize something I had taken for granted because I got it freely. There was a woman who was learning Arabic from scratch in order to help her understand the Quran; this is the same scenario when a child learns the letters of the Alphabet to help them read English language well. For me, this was not a thing new but to her it meant a great deal. I didn’t know the extent to which she wanted to be able to read the Quran until the day she had read some parts and the teacher informed that she had just successfully read the Quran. She couldn’t control the emotions that filled her due to what she heard and she started crying.

Suddenly it hit me there and then. I was born a Muslim and had learnt to read it from a very early age and I didn’t value what I had. Flowing from this singular occurrence, I couldn’t help but think about how I was not valuing the gifts I had. From the Gift of a family,  to having a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food to eat and the good health to eat the food

Thinking of this, as humans we have this entitlement mentality that we deserve all that we have. But is that really true; do we deserve it or have we just been blessed. Looking around us, we will see people that do not have all that we have. If we were really entitled to it, then we shouldn’t have people that lack some of these things. For me, the tears that flowed from her eyes served to reinforce the need to be grateful for what we have and value it because the one who blessed us could take them away without asking our permission.

Value your parents even with all the “stress” they might give you because some wish they had them but do not have, siblings are not left out, even though we get on each other’s nerves and you feel like they should just leave you alone, you might want to ask people who are the only children of their parents, how lonely they feel and always want a friend and here you have been blessed with this gift without any hassle on your own part, the gift of shelter and somewhere to call home, somewhere that after all the stress you face outside, it calms you and gives you peace, there are people who sleep on the roadsides and worse still, there are people who do not have anywhere because they have become refugees and wander from place to place, the delicious and nourishing ,meal you take in to help you go through the days activities. Its actually surprising to    know some people will refuse some certain kind of food if it didn’t meet a particular specification or there was something missing from it yet there are some who eat from the bins. Do they wish  for anything other than filling their bellies with something to them  keep going?

If only we could pause amidst all the rush to observe events with a critical and objective eye, we would see that we have been blessed with so much that we take advantage of and do not value.

What’s worse is that we do not value them until they are gone and the pain hurts more than we could imagine.
Let’s learn to value all we have been blessed with before it’s gone.

May we all be grateful for the limitless gifts we have been blessed with.

Love and Regards.

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