United in Death

Dear Aunt/Mom
How Ironical that I never met you while you were alive
I never knew you were part of the amazing people I had as family
I never knew of the awesome things you did while you were with us
I never knew of the impact you had in people’s life
I never knew you for a second while you breathed
But there’s is this bond I can’t place
Odd you say, how is it possible?
It’s like your picture is trying to tell me something
Something I probably should have known if I knew you for a second
I see your picture and I can’t take my eyes away
I can only wonder at how awesome the moments I would have spent with you
I can only wonder, wonder and wonder
Life is so short
That one moment you are here and the next you are gone
Gone forever from our midst
I know your family would miss you so
Funny isn’t it
That even in death, I feel like I have known you
Even though I never did
Cherish the people around you
The moments that can never be replaced because you never know
No one ever knows, when they will breathe their last

Dear Aunt, though I never knew you until your death
The little I know I would appreciate
I pray you are in midst of the righteous companions in paradise
I would make the best of life while I breathe and reach out
So that we are united while alive before we leave.
This life for the hereafter
To reside in gardens where rivers flow below

Love and Regards

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