Tips to help you get the best of Ramadhan

So, we are almost in the blessed month and while we are all looking forward to it with so much excitement, it would be wise to plan how we would want the month to go for us because just the same way we are counting down to welcome it, we would be counting down to bid it farewell before you know it and while that’s a reality we cannot deny, making the best of the month will be the best consolation that we would have and not regret too much after it has gone.

I intend to share a few tips to help you get the best of this month which I have implemented and new ones that I plan to do this In Shaa Allaah. What are we waiting for, let’s get started.

  • Renew your Intention:

This is a best time to ensure that you have the purest of intention for fasting. You might have an intention before now about Ramadhan but just like we are told to renew our intentions for everything we do constantly because Shaytan pollutes the intention for our action, Ramadhan is not exempted. Make the intention that you will fast in order to attain piety which was the reason why we were told to fast. Also note that, this will be done constantly throughout the month so that we do not get derailed along the way.

  • Plan your activities:

It’s very funny how the days seem to fly in this month and while alone might delight us because we know that it will soon be time to break our fast, this on the other hand, should wake us to the reality that the days are running by too. It will be advisable to plan and time your activities such that you do not waste time on things are productive and rewarding for us. For us women, the preparation of meals are one that takes up our time. Yes, eat food that are nutritious but do not waste too time on meals. The essence of the month is self-control so it wouldn’t hurt if we stayed away from some meals that are likely to take up too much time. Let’s try to stick with meals that are simple and provide adequate nourishment for us.  Now I know some may raise an eye brow here but an example here will do justice to this. Imagine this scenario where you visit your doctor due to some health issues and you are told to keep away from some food for your health benefit so that you might be better, we would gladly do so but for the month of Ramadhan, it becomes difficult. May almighty Allaah make it easy for us.

  • Minimize the time spent online:

This is one of the things that take up our time without anything to show for it. Now there are plenty beneficial things online but that’s if you select what you go looking for. Ramadan is a month where we get rewarded for every good deed we do more than in any month. The same data you would use in browsing stuffs that do not add to you can be spent in earning rewards for you. There are lots of beneficial videos on YouTube that will help keep your iman very high in this month. The better part of it is that you use your data to earn rewards and not otherwise wherever you are. A great app I would recommend is MuslimCentral and Bayinnah TV. You could also subscribe to You will never be able to exhaust content on this platform even beyond this month because contents are uploaded daily for our benefit bi Idhnillah. While we are at it, we could contribute in whatever way we can to help and support them.

  • Build a consistent Relationship with the Quran

Now when it comes to reading the Quran in this month, there is a notion that all we need do is complete it and that’s what we rush to do. But once the month is gone, we forget this book till another Ramadhan the next year. This book filled with timeless messages to help you through your journey in life is not something we should only have time in the month of Ramadhan but daily in our lives. This is not to say that we should not strive to finish reciting it but we need to do more than that. Read and reflect upon the messages contained and apply them to your life such that a day without it will be incomplete. Ramadhan being the month of the Quran is the best time to start this and we pray that almighty Allaah makes this easy for us. For women, this does not need stop when we are off solah, we can continue through reading of the translated Quran.

  •  Build a wonderful Relationship with your creator:

The relationship God has with us is unconditional but our relationship with him is questionable. We are told to remember him in the good times so that he remembers us in times of adversity but being the forgetful being we are, we do not. However, he does not hold this against us and always welcomes us back but imagine the peace you would feel if we strived to maintain this relationship constantly such that being alone does not matter to you, because all you care about was pleasing him and not humans like you. When we strive to please humans, we will never meet up but if we used this effort and tried to please our creator instead, he would make this humans love you because he created us all and has the power to turn our hearts in any direction he pleases.

  •  Preserve your Energy:

The days in Ramadhan are going to be like every other day but because you are staying away from food and drink, you will get tired and weak easily but that does not stop us from fulfilling all other acts that we are supposed to but this might be impossible if we do the same things that we do before Ramadhan. To avoid this, we should try as much as possible to preserve our energy so that we can still go about our normal activities plus engage in extra acts that are rewarding.

In conclusion, while we strive to put this into practice, we should aim to ensure that we continue all this beyond the month of Ramadhan and while it’s not easy let’s make it part our dua this month to God to help us implement this in our lives consistently.

Love and Regards.

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