Such Unwavering Conviction

Lo and Behold, right before their eyes, the sea parted and paved way for them to move across.

Slowly but surely, they all moved across safely without harm caused to any of them. I am thinking to myself perhaps they did not walk slowly but hurriedly like anyone could have fearing that the water might fall on them.  But it did not.

Now they stand at the other end of the sea safe and sound watching Firaun and his soldiers drowning in the sea.

Moments before the event which I can only try to imagine because it was a story relayed to me by my Rabb, they had stood at the opposite end scared, frightened and unsure of what faith lay before them because their Enemy was closing on them and all they could see was water.

Where would they run to, what could save them from being returned into slavery again? This and many questions must have gone through their minds which resulted in them saying “We will be surely be overtaken today” Q 26: Ayah 61.

That was not the case with Musa (AS), he stood there confident not in himself but in a master that remained always true to his word right from his birth till that moment.

He had such conviction that despite all the negative emotions from the people he was leading, it did not shake his. Rather, it made his stronger and his response was one which whenever I read no matter how many times I read it, I crave for such conviction.

He responded to all their worries with “By no Means! My Lord is with me! Soon he will guide me!” Q26: Ayah 62

By Inspiration from his Lord, he was asked to strike the sea with his Rod and it parted at the command of his Lord.

The story of Prophet Musa (AS) is one that gives me so much inspiration whenever I read it but today I look at his unwavering conviction in Allaah (SWT) standing before the Red sea because today is the day of Ashura which marks the day Allaah granted Musa (AS) that victory years ago.

He was convinced that Allaah will make a way out from that situation and he being who he is he did.

This is a story that should give us more conviction that he will provide a way out for us no matter how difficult our situation might be? Looking at it, nobody will ever be in such a scenario again. If Allaah could part the sea for Musa and the Israelites to pass through then we should remain assured that he will guide us through whatever we might be passing through in our individual lives.

But a question I will leave us with is: Are we really and sincerely convinced of his help and guidance coming?

This is a question for me and anyone who reads this.

Today, we are implored to fast and be hopeful of Allaah’s forgiveness and good from him.

Ya Allaah, we beseech you today and every day of our lives to grant us such unwavering conviction in you that helps us pull through the storm in our lives. Aameen thumma Aameen.

Love and Regards

Ps: Part of the people I want to see and talk to when I get to Al-Jannah Firdaws In Shaa Allaah is Prophet Musa (AS).  May we be of those who attain the pleasure of Allaah and make it to that wonderful place. Aameen

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