Watch your words before it ruins someone

“Most of our sins is due to our tongue” -Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be upon him)

This was inspired by something that happened this week and I am still in shock over the whole thing but then again should I be was a question that kept running in my mind?

Often times we speak without caring how what implications our words will have on the lives of people. Yes it’s very to just say what comes to your mind about somebody or give your opinion about an incident that was related to you.

How many times have you spoke badly about someone or gave a wrong opinion on something without verifying the truth of the matter properly. A lot of us fall prey to this without knowing and it has become a way of life for most people male and female alike. We speak and condemn people, make judgments, and at times this could prove tragic in some cases.

An incident took place and I felt I knew all that there was to know about the matter. This led to me making some conclusions about certain people but as fate would have it and in order that I learn a lesson from it, I mentioned it to someone that was involved in the whole matter and the story I heard was so surprising that I was having goose pimples all over my body. Obviously, all that I knew was what I had been told and there was more that had been concealed for reasons best known to the person.

My thoughts were but why not state things as they are rather than the way they are but before I could ask further I remembered a saying of the prophet where he said “Speak good or stay silent”. The meaning of this would be whether you are the listening or speaking, learn to respond with good or say that which is only good.

The human mind is very deep and we can never the extent of things we keep from each other. What we only know is what we express in words but in expressing words, let’s remember to speak good of something and if you cannot find anything good to say, then keep quiet. Your silence will not destroy or cause harm to anyone but your words will travel far beyond your feet will ever take you and could have negative consequence on someone’s life.

In the words of my sister, nobody can really judge or interpret your silence.

Hope you have gained from this and if yes, please feel free to share for others to learn.

Love and Regards.

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