Searching for Love and Fulfillment -Ep. 1

Many times in our life we search endlessly for things and the search brings up nothing but pain. It becomes an endless one where we keep chasing shadows of what seems like would bring us some everlasting happiness but sadly they do not even after we find them

So, I decided to do this series. This is the first in the Muslimah’s series.  Stories about Fatimah, a Muslimah striving to please her Lord and attain Al- Jannah Firdaws is shared in this series.

This story is all about Fatimah’s search for Love and acceptance and how her journey went.

Hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two from it. Please sit back, relax and enjoy.
From a very young age, Fatimah always felt she wasn’t understood by virtually everyone.   She wondered why this was so and always felt that there had to be someone that would understand her totally.  Being a person with a strong will personality, she always had questions and the way she viewed things would be very different from others and because of this, she normally got scolded or even spanked for her actions.

She thought in her little head that her parents and siblings could not fill the space she felt within.  This accounted for the reasons she got into trouble more than anyone and because she wasn’t spared of the disciplinary measures to follow, she concluded that they simply did not love her.

As she grew up, she made up her mind to find that person that would understand her better and the quest in search for a best friend commenced.  Being a reserved person, she did not have many friends so she just wanted one that would be pal and everything would be fine or so she thought.

At different points in time, she met different people but things were far from taking the picture she had in her head.

Further down memory lane, she tried making friends with different people and even go out of her way to build a wonderful relationship with this people but she was shattered at different times when nothing seemed to work. There was one that happened not too far off in the past, it seemed she had a very healthy and thriving relationship with some acquaintances but the moment they parted, she was erased from their memory.

She reached out through different mediums to see how they were doing but none seemed to return the favor. At this time, she felt bad because while she was trying to give them excuses for their not responding she learnt that they were still in contact with others but her.

She felt used.  While they were around, she benefitted them but now that she was no longer of use to them, they discarded her fast.

Following this, she made a decision subconsciously not to keep friends because they didn’t seem trustworthy.

So she decided to wait till when she would get married to find that person who would be all that she was searching for.
Did Fatimah find what she was searching for?
Find out in the next episode on searching for Love series.

Love and Regards

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