Scars or……..?

So, my mind drifted to an incident that occurred last year. This was not a pleasant one but looking back at it, I am grateful for the mercy of my Rabb despite it.
I saw a scar and couldn’t help but marvel at the healing process.  It was an accident that I can still remember vividly but then all I felt was pain but now all I feel is gratitude that it wasn’t worse than it had been. It happened suddenly and nothing I could have done would have averted it.

Masha Allaah, I had it cleaned up and taken care and it healed up nicely Alhamdulilaah. I see the scar every now and then when it catches my eyes but today, it was different.  I thought what if it didn’t heal well and got complicated like some injuries do but this was not the message I got from looking at the scar today.

The truth is when we hurt ourselves physically or emotionally, after some time passes it heals up but it leaves a scar that is either visible to the eyes or not. That part of our body never remains the same because the scar never disappears at east not totally even after we use all the creams and oils we want to because the remedy we use are manmade

Also, we have scars that which lies within our hearts; unseen and unfelt by everyone except you and your Rabb which hurts so much that it feels terminal and will always remain with you

Then the story of Musa’s mother (May Allaah have mercy on her) comes to mind when Almighty Allaah (subhanahu wa taala) tells her to put her son in the river. After she had complied, her heart become empty and to help her he strengthened her heart with faith so that she would be calm and remain a believer. He also promises that he would return her. Surah Al- Qasas: Ayah 7-13

This he does within a few hours because when Musa gets hungry again, she is the one that gets to feed him. He heals her heart totally of the pain it could have and felt and cooled her eyes by returning her son back to her.
Just like when things get broken or damaged, all we can do is try to make them usable before we finally discard them but when it’s returned to the manufacturer, the item is renewed and you will never know it was broken or damaged in the first place. The same analogy is given when  we are scarred, broken due to incidences that happen, and humans like you or I can only help with the little they know which was bestowed upon him by  Allaah (subhanahu wa taala) but when we ask the maker, designer and only creator, he will heal you completely just like he did with Musa’s mother.
Which of the favours of my lord can I deny?
Love and Regards

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