Rewards and Responsiblities

“They shall receive a reward of what they earned and you of what you earn. And you will not be asked of what they used to do Surah Baqarah; Ayah 134.”
This ayah emphasizes the concept of being responsible for oneself to me. You know it’s common to hear us as humans say things like it wasn’t my fault for things that go wrong or when plans do not go as they planned. While remembering that he is the one that could make things work out or otherwise for us, another important point we do not remember is what role have we played so far in the whole scenario?

We are quick to blame others and in some instances, we go to the extreme of blaming our Rabb for not helping us. But, what about when they work out; do we adopt the same approach?  Do we commend everyone but ourselves for the success we have. If the answer is No, then it’s only logical to take responsibility for everything good or otherwise.

Another issue we face is when we say things like it’s because my parents or someone in my lineage did or failed to do something that’s why I am in the present situation. Nobody but you is responsible for yourself. The part of the Ayah above re-emphasizes this for us. Even if you find yourself in a situation not so good, rather than looking for who to blame, why not look for the way forward because ultimately Almighty Allaah will not ask you about what that other person did or failed to do, neither will they be rewarded for your actions but you will be rewarded for your own actions.
Summary and lesson from this Ayah

  1. Focus on you not on others
  2. Do the best you can
  3. We will be rewarded for our actions (good or bad)

Now, this doesn’t come easy because we always try to justify everything but in the end, the path that gives you peace is not in trying to justify issues. Rather, it’s in taking responsibility and moving on regardless.
May our Rabb make us of those who accept responsibility for actions and move on with our lives to actualize our potentials as awesome creatures of a magnificent Lord
Love and Regards

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