Reflections from Ramadan 1438 Series

Alhamdulilaah, Ramadan has come and gone and we are grateful that we were privileged to be among those who commenced and ended the blessed month.  An important lesson that I picked and would like to share with everyone is the value we place on the deeds we do.

Personally, I tend to belittle some deeds I do or think that it’s not big enough to be rewarded for by my Rabb. I have been told many times that we need to be consistent with whatever we do and never belittle them but somewhere in my subconscious, there’s a lingering thought and in summary, I never really count those little as part of things my Rabb has favored me to be able to do. It had to be significant before I considered them worthy and subsequently, I never counted the small ones worthy.

But then I listened to a lecture by Yasmin Mogahed where she made a comment that Allaah is not an all or none lord and that alone was enough for me to reproach myself for always belittling almost everything I did. The consequence of belittling my actions meant that I never felt that I had done anything worthy in the sight of my Lord and would leave me feeling low and down as a result.

It happens many times that when we are going through events that have taken place, all our mind seems to recollect are those events when you did not meet up, you fell short of expectations or your weaknesses as a person was highlighted. The next thing that sets in automatically is a feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness at times you could get angry over them. All this emotions you feel do not make you feel better and before you know it, you do not feel motivated to try again because you feel not good enough or do want to disappoint yourself again.

For me, I felt it had to be all good and perfect. So anything short, I would beat myself over it and feel down. However, the statement your Lord is not an “All or none God” is one that helps me because I know that when I do not meet up, it’s okay, keep striving and never give up. Our Rabb is Al-Basir (The All Seeing). So he sees all the little efforts you put and even if you fall short here and there, don’t fret. He will reward you for all you do and no effort no matter how small or tiny will amount to a waste.

Also, remember that it’s not over until it’s over. As long as you are alive, continue making that little effort and be sure he will reward you.

Love and Regards.

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