Persistence Personified

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I was thinking to myself and reflecting on the level of persistence I possess as an individual and a woman and I wasn’t too impressed with the results I got.

Persistence had been a weak point for me. Whenever I set out to do something, I would be so excited at the beginning and would vow to give it all my best but I would be seen to quitting it if I didn’t see a positive result from my efforts.  I would just conclude that it was not worth my time and energy. This is something that translated into all areas of my life and I was not aware. I would start a lot of things and never finish them due to different reasons.

Back to persistence, I read the story of a woman just like me. This was a woman who embodied Persistence in the every sense of it. Care to know how? Just read on.

She was left in the dessert with a baby by her husband though not of his own will. Logically, we would say she was alone but I dare say she wasn’t and she knew this within her and acted upon it in her actions later on.  After a while of being in the dessert, their supplies got finished and her baby got thirsty and demanded for water. What was she to do? Where would she find water in a dessert?

Let’s pause here, if I were in her shoes, given the circumstances I would just sit, cry and lament over my predicament. I would say things like O God, why me, why did this have to happen to me, where do you expect me to get water in a dessert and you know I have a baby.  I am sure I would go on and on about my helplessness.  Does that sound familiar? Well, this particular woman stood and started searching for water. She ran from one post to the other not once, not twice, not thrice but seven times in her search for water.

Let’s pause again for another moment here and reflect on yet another amazing trait exhibited by this wonderful woman. I am sure if it were me, I would probably quit after running at most thrice that there was no way out but she didn’t. Another thing was she didn’t decide to stay back due to fear of what might happen to her baby if she left him by himself. Instead, she did a quick analysis of what could probably happen if she stayed back. The child might die of thirst if she stayed back so it would be better to try something than staying idle.

Another point to reflect on is do not stay idle and expect help. How remarkable if you think about this.

This part of the story speaks million to us as women. Most times, when we are faced with issues, we expect somebody most times the “The man” for those that  are married to provide the solution to it. At times, you see some women waiting for the man to return from work to come and perform a miracle. How sad and depressing? Reading this story, you need to pick the message that as a human being you have a brain that can analyze facts and reason objectively when the need arises.

Worse off is when we  have been degraded to beings who can’t function without a man which is the reason why some women would stay in a marriage causing them more harm and some get married when  they see the writings on the wall that this is someone they should not be with.

At this point, I like to state that I am not in any way saying that women should not get married, my point is you should realize the value that has been placed on you by your creator as a woman and not expect a man to do that for you.

Sure you are wondering if she got water and if nothing happened to her son. I will get to that part in a moment.  I need you to pick the messages in this story and reflect on it and how you can harness them for good in your own life. Trust, Quick thinking, Persistence, Resilience, Taking action and a Positive mindset in the face of the bleakest moments are the points we need to applaud this legendary woman for and emulate her.

Back to the story, yes, she got water, abundant water not for her and her baby alone but abundant water to last till eternity. All that comes to my mind is she is awesome and worth emulating.

The woman I have been going on about is none other than our own Hajarah (RA) the mother of Prophet Ismail (AS) and wife of our Father Ibrahim (AS).

While our personal striving might not bring results like Hajarah (RA) did but we should be rest assured that nothing escapes the notice of our Rabb and we will be rewarded for it.

I am sure you have gained from this story and you have gotten value. Please share and put your comments in the box below.

On a parting note, I leave you with this question.

How persistent are you in achieving what you set out to? This is a reminder for me firstly and anyone  who reads.

Regards and lots of water to Quench your thirst,

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