Our Life in Phases

“Everything has the perfect time for it”

Few days back, I was reading an ayah of the Quran that described the process of an human coming into existence “We created man from discharges  (male and female ), this develops into a clot of blood which develops into a lump of flesh, which further develops into bones which the majestic creator now covers with flesh.  This grows by the months in a safe lodging. After a designated period, it comes out into this world”. At the time when the baby is born it feels like life has come to an end for it  but that itself is what marks the beginning of life itself for the baby and from then on, the baby grows in all areas physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and so on.

Looking at this, we can see the similitude in our lives as grown-ups or Adults. We would go through stages and phases in our live that it would seem like this is the end, we would probably think that nothing beneficial  can come to us again because in our own opinion this is the end. At this point, we might cry like that new born baby because our supply seems to have been cut off and there is nothing to hold on to.

But somehow, somewhere things take a turn for the better and we move on from that stage to another just like the baby whose source of sustenance was taken away and it despaired that life had come to an end but this was replaced by a better form of nourishment for it which is the breast milk of its mother.

See the baby’s source was taken away because it couldn’t suffice for it for the next stage it was moving into which is coming into this world.  This is the same way as humans when we have to progress from a stage in our lives to a higher one we might have to face different challenges and this could feel like a storm that might never go away, a night whose darkness might last forever but surely bi Idhni llah, that storm will clear and the night will pave way for the morning light because this is just a stage that will pass In Shaa Allaah.

Remember nothing but residing in paradise lasts forever.

May we be of those that get to reside in Gardens where Rivers flow beneath in the company of the most merciful and his beloved. Aameen

Love and Regards,

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