The one who got left behind Ep. 2

 Fatimah arrived home after a hectic day at work and was exhausted. The exhaustion she felt was more than physical fatigue. Her mind had been travelling to different incidences in her life all through the ride home that not even the close of work rush was enough to distract her train of thoughts. She had been fortunate to secure a good spot and she was lost in a maze all through.

She freshened up and observed her solah. Her solah seemed to be a mess because her mind went back to the news that had been relayed to her. She completed her solah and sat down on her Musallah. Her heart was heavy and she wanted it to feel lighter but she did not know what to do. She picked up her phone and went through her Facebook profile, she seemed to be flipping through without a though when a certain video caught her eye. A certain sheikh was saying something on faith and decree.

She watched with a deeper concentration and suddenly like a message from Allaah himself, he said that “ Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) was quoted to have said a person will not taste the sweetness of faith until he realises that what misses him will never have been his and whatever happened to him could never have missed him”

Tears sprang to her eyes in that instant and she cried for a while still holding her phone. Masha Allaah, this made her heart lighter and that was what she sought. The words he spoke were consolation for her and she was able to move from the person who felt left behind to a person whose life was going according to her master’s plan.

Her life was different from others even if it seemed like they were moving together. That they moved on and “left her behind” did not really matter anymore. Allaah was her creator and he disposed of every one’s affairs in the best way and his plan was perfect free from all flaws. Still in this reflective mood, she remembered a saying that “Not a leaf falls off the tree except that he knows about it”

Surely, Allaah knows why I am still here and it must be for a good reason she thought to herself. Flowing from that thought, more positive thoughts about her lord came to mind

  1. There must be something only I can contribute to this place before I leave.
  2. I am not still here because my Lord is angry with me
  3. There are things I still need to add to me for the journey ahead
  4. I have been fortunate to blessed with Independency by my Lord through this Job

All these made her feel better and in that instant, she did a Sajdah to thank her Rabb for the gift of enlightenment he had blessed her with.

Now this might be a story to some but it could be the reality of someone else. Never feel left behind even if it feels like everyone you know is moving ahead of you. Remember that you are not in control of your life but Allaah rather your response to events in your life is what you should manage such that the events in your life become a reason for you to go higher rather than stay defeated.

For Fatimah, she found what she sought within a short period of time but that might not be your reality. It might sooner or later than you expect but be rest assured that it will come at the best time In Shaa Allaah.

Hope this has added to you. Please share and watch this space for more in diary of a striving Muslimah series

Love and Regards

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