The one who got left behind -Ep.1

This can’t be repeating itself again, Fatimah thought to herself. This was the umpteenth time this same thing had happened to her.

Why does it have to me all the time? She asked herself but the answer to this was not forthcoming at all and this only seemed to add to her pent up frustration.

She had been having what seemed like a normal day until the news came that Abeedah who was a colleague at work was leaving. Her initial reaction was surprise and she wondered why Abeedah who seemed to have a lot going for her in the Organisation would be leaving. Abeedah had called her and told her privately few days to her leaving and though Fatimah was surprised, she wished Abeedah all the best in her endeavours and they parted ways.

But by herself, different thoughts assailed her and she just felt low. She had been praying for a change in Job for some time now and her dua were yet to be answered by her Rabb. Her heart felt heavy because it seemed like everyone’s dua but hers was being answered. Why? She thought to herself and her thoughts went deeper to past incidences in her life when she had been left behind like this.

The feeling was not good. You would feel not good enough because all your peers were progressing and you on the other hand were not. Similar events from the past flashed before her eyes but one stood out amongst the others. She did not know why this one was more vivid than the others initially but she would come to know the reason why much later.

She had been preparing for an exam to further her studies then. She had only been 10 years of age then but she remembered the event before and after it like it was only yesterday. The exams had been the only thing keeping her occupied then and she studied like she had never did in her ten years of existence. She had been very hopeful of gaining admission into the school of her choice then but this was not to be.

The exams had come and gone but when the results were released, she had made a very low score which could not make her eligible for admission into the school she had applied for. To say she was devastated was an understatement. She went for days without eating and her mom became worried and had to seek help from people to help talk to her. She began to go about her normal activities full of hope that something good would come out of it but that was not the reality that she was to face.

Weeks later, she was in the company of her friends and she got to know that they made good scores in the entrance exams and consequently, they were able to gain admission into the schools of their choices. All of them except her.

That would mark the beginning of series of incidence where it seemed she got left behind which was why she remembered it so clearly.

Fatimah, someone called from a few distance away. Your phone is ringing but you are ignoring the call she was told. She jolted back to reality and hurriedly responded to the call. When she was done with the call, her thoughts and questions were why do I always get left behind? She couldn’t find any response to that question because there was a lot of pending tasks to do. That would be answered later she mused to herself and went back to work.

Are you interested in knowing how it all plays out for Fatimah eventually?

Watch out for Episode 2 of “The one who got left behind”

Love and Regards

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