Making the best of every situation (Part 2 & Conclusion)

“Everything happens for a reason, but do we care enough to understand why?”

Hello Everyone,
Trust we are doing great. I posted something on making the best of every situation in May. Here’s the conclusion as I promised

If you are interested in reading the first part of it, click the link below to access it.

Making the best of every situation (Part 1)

Back to the post for today.
Listed below are some tips that will help you make the best of what might seem like “hard times”.

I. Drop the Victim Mentality:
You know right from where we younger and we wrote exams, had an assessment done on our performance etc. if the result we got was favorable, we would say things like I passed and be grinning like a “” but if on the other hand, it was not as we wanted or expected, we would heard making statements like the teacher scored me low or “they” gave me a poor assessment. Now, this attitude is what is referred to as the victim mentality. Everyone but you is at fault whenever things do not go well

Given the example above, if you can take responsibility for your good results, then be bold and strong enough to take responsibility when they are not good. Taking responsibility helps in moving forward than staying stuck at a point feeling sorry and miserable.

II. Who are you becoming:
This is a question you might want to ask yourself. Agreed that you are not where you want to be but given where you are presently who are you becoming by virtue of present circumstances. We all have different scenarios play out in our lives at different points but do we make it a point of duty to learn from it or do we just complain about how things are not working out. A point I will like us to remember is that every experience has come to teach us a lesson for a future period in our lives. So if you are not becoming a better person by virtue of that experience, chances are that it will never go away. A few examples of what experiences could be trying to teach us are to be more patient, tolerant, compassionate, more perseverance in our attitude etc. the list is endless and varies. So who are you becoming?

III. Is it a do or Die affair:
By this, what I simply mean is being able to differentiate between “Want” or a “Need”? Now if I asked Chidinma who sits beside me in the office what she wants, she would give me an endless list of the things she wants for herself. Now the real issue would be to separate this list into two groups. The first group would comprise of things she can’t do without while the other would comprise of things she can exist comfortably without. A want is something you can live without while a need is something that could affect your life. So take a look at those things on your list and analyze them into wants and needs and see how far you can go

IV. What can I do to make it better:
Having separated your list into two, the next thing you would want to resolve within your means is seeing if you can actually do anything to make it better. There are times we claim to have done our best but at times, this is actually not our best. I remember once when I was trying to get some things and it was not working out as I wanted and the easiest option came to my mind but I thought it wise to ask someone else’s opinion and he asked me are you sure you have done everything and I couldn’t respond. I went back and put in my best at it and I made sure to finish it. The results were not perfect but I was satisfied that I saw it through to the end. So ask yourself, what can you do make things better or have you really done everything and it did not work out?

V. Staying happy and positive regardless:
Flowing from the point above, so in all sincerity, you have done everything and nothing seems to work out but that does not mean you should be grumpy and unhappy all the time. Try to stay happy and keep a positive mindset. It takes very little to be happy and much more to be unhappy. A tip would be for you to focus on something else other than the problem. What you focus on grows and I am sure you do not want the problem to become bigger and never ending. Focus on the things that are working for you and you would be happier indeed.

VI. See the good in all things:
Sit back and think objectively of the situation. Is it all bad and no good at all? Most times, we do not see the good in these experiences because all we see is the bad but if we can be objective, we will see the good in it and be better for it ultimately.

VII. Go down memory lane:
Lastly, you might want to think back to some past period in your life when you were faced with different situations that seemed problematic or more like they would never be resolved. Presently, are those situations still with you or as overwhelming as they seemed. If I guess right, its either they are now in the past or almost resolved. So back to the present, if those issues got resolved with time, be sure that what you are facing presently will also pass with time. But you do not want to spend the time between now and then brooding on the problem when you could have put them to better uses.

Hope you were impacted from reading from reading this as much as I loved sharing it with you and if you have, please take time to implement it personally in your life for your good and people around you and feel free to share. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop your comments and feedback.

I remain committed to helping you live an amazing life

Love and Regards.

Tunde-Lawal Tasleemah

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