Making the best of every situation (Part 1)

                          “And it might be that you hate something but its best for you” -Quran 2:216

Hello there everyone,

Trust that we are all doing great.

Sorry to take plenty of your time but before I get to the message I want to share with you this month, just last week I checked my calendar and realized that we had gone 5 months into 2017. Wow, that happened really fast and I was wondering how and when the days sped by so fast. Before you know we will be saying goodbye to it. This is just to serve as a reminder on those goals we set at the beginning of the year and to evaluate how much we have achieved so far.

I am not one to set New Year resolutions but I do believe in taking appropriate actions in whatever area of my life that needs it. Now do not feel bad if you haven’t done anything or perhaps you have done very little. It’s not over until it’s over. So dust yourself and commence working on those goals so that you can smile or have something you can point to as part of your achievements this year.

Back to the story and message, we are humans and we have a long list of desires, needs, and wants .etc. and life does not always dish what we want like we might expect and while it might be very discouraging and at times depressing in some instances, it will be better if we do not look at the gloomy side of what we are facing.

Reflecting on the quote above, some might say how is that possible? But this is very possible because our wants and needs are very different and while you might want something presently, that might not be the best for you because it might lead to your destruction. If as a child, you asked your parents for something, they would give you in some instances and in some cases they will withhold giving you reasons that might not sound reasonable to you. They could tell you things you are too young or that you do not need that now.

The same scenario plays itself out when we have wants and desires as adults but do not get it immediately. Could it possibly be that there are some stages you need to pass through before you get those things so that you can appreciate them better.

Some examples which most if not all of us could relate to are:

  1. You want/desire an increase in your salary
  2. You desire promotion
  3. You want to get married
  4. You want children etc.

The points listed above are just few of the things we need or desire and is not conclusive by itself. Now we all want the good things of life like more money, status, fame but have you paused to reflect on why you are presently where you are and what you need to learn from it for the future or are you like most people who just complain and whine about their predicament.

A word of advice to everyone via this message is to stop complaining. Complaining and whining sure comes easy and we all want to take the easy way out rather than do some constructive and objective work. From what I learnt and I have seen what you focus on becomes bigger. So if we focus on our problem, it will only get bigger and this leads to a mindset that maybe you are jinxed. Instead focus on what you can gain from all of it. I know some people could murder me for that statement but I wasn’t sleeping when I typed that out.

Care to find out how? Then you will not want to miss reading the conclusion where I will share tips with you on how to gain even when it seems you are in pain.

Till then, thank you for reading and remember to stay positive.

I remain dedicated to helping you live an amazing life

Love and Regards.

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