Loving without Seeing

How is this possible?

I never knew you
But I love you so
Everyday in my life
The impacts you made
Still stays alive
No one is perfect
But amidst your imperfections
You did amazing, beautiful and phenomenal things
For who I have become today, I thank you for being who you were
For Molding my Ma and Pa into who they are
Patience and gentle yet firm
Loving and caring, yet maintaining discipline
The selflessness , and values you impacted
Concern for others even when you did not benefit
Yes, you did not leave a house for me to inherit
Neither did you leave money stashed away for us
But what you left values much more than money could ever buy
You left behind values ,virtues that will last forever
Nothing they say last forever
But when you have values that seem to be fading away due to moral decadence
You know you have what is simply invaluable

The prophet (Peace be upon him) said it that a time will come when evil is celebrated and good is condemned.

Praise and honor to my Rabb for bestowing the Gift upon me
A gift that I never saw but I feel it in my life
I only had the privilege of meeting one but I love you all even though I never knew you
When we say we love Allah and the prophet (Peace be upon him) though we have never seen either, this is a tiny example.
I never knew you but I love you all very much and pray that we are reunited in Al-Jannah where I get to say alhamdulilaah for being able to see you all. I have waited for a long time for this moment.

Till then, may almighty Allaah expand your grave, illuminate your grave and save you and all dead believers from the torment of the grave.

Love and Regards

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