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I need a break I cried to myself and anyone who cared to listen or else I will break down due to all the piled up stress within. Alhamdulilaah, I was able to get a few days leave off work and it was really worth it but what made it more fulfilling was the time I got to spend with my family.

You never know what you are missing out on until you get a taste of it. The luxury of having spare time to me was something I loved to enjoy regularly but how would I balance it all out. I have a job to do, bills to pay and due to factors beyond me, I couldn’t afford that luxury except leave the Job.

As easy as it sounded, how could I leave a Job when I had not secured another in its place? Who was I to leave the financing of my bills to? I know someone might say God, Yes but God rewards efforts not idleness  So, I have to continue the hustle and ask my Lord for ease for he is the only one who can give ease.

For me personally, this period of leave was one when I discovered some new things which helped me and I hope this can help someone out there

  • Put God First:

I read a quote somewhere that put Allaah first and you things will become easier for you. This is very true because he will put barakah in all you and as such you find time to do so many things which give you more fulfilment than they would.  Personally, I am the type that likes getting done as soon as possible so I would try to quickly do this chore or that task before fulfilling my duties to my Lord and I would discover that I spent more time and got more frustrated and tensed up but when I left it for after my Lord, I was able to achieve more in a calmer state of mind.

  • Relax:

For a while now, I did not realise that not relaxing was adding to my problems and not helping in any way. When you rest well, your ability to think and function efficiently increases. Thus, helping you to deal with issues better than you would ordinarily. Now a caveat here is relaxing does not means you become an expert overnight but overtime you would.

  • Take it one at a time:

This applies to quite a number of people and especially people like me who see the end result of what they want to get done, become so excited and want to get it done all at once. Here you want to breathe a little and just ignore some things. That there are some unwashed clothes in the laundry basket, some chores to be done etc does not mean you should get overwhelmed. Do the best you can and leave the rest till a future period. The world will not come to an end.

  • Enjoy your solitude:

Being alone is not a bad thing. There is so much you can learn from this and a little advice is to try to see the wisdom behind you being alone. Get comfortable with it, sharpen whatever skills you might have, learn anything new of interest. Make the best use of this period in your life and trust that he has not forsaken you at this time.

  • Love yourself:

Yes, love yourself the way you are. Love your life as it is. The grass is not always greener on the other side. You might think someone you see from a distance has it all. The truth is nobody does and you will be amazed at the stories you hear when some relate what they are going through.

When you love yourself in the right way, you will be able to attract the right person in your life because you are not just seeking the qualities you want but you also try to exhibit those qualities.

One thing I have learnt is that people will love you the way you love yourself.

  • Accept help/Assistance:

When you have someone who offers to help out, don’t act like Bruce lee that you are strong and can take it all by yourself. Accept the help from sincere and genuine and be appreciative for it. Remember, he who is thankful will receive more in return.

  • Try to maintain a healthy work life Balance:

This is a big one for me but I am hoping to work on this In Shaa Allaah. As much as we will like to get all those tasks over and done with so that we can start something else the next day, it might be a good approach to weigh and prioritise our tasks such that we can leave on time and resume fresh and early for the next day’s activities. This would help avoid getting burnt out from the daily routine.

I hope this has helped someone. Please feel free to drop your comments in the box below and share

Love and Regards.

Ps:   We strive together in this journey of life



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