A letter from Allah to Tasleemah

“I am as my slave thinks of me” -Hadith Qudsi

So I read a post by Remi Owadokun which inspired this write-up. In Remi’s words, she said if God wrote you a letter, what would it say?


Thinking on the surface, I was able to bring two –three messages, God’s Letter to me would contain but as I went deeper, it became an emotional experience for me. The more I thought of the messages, the more tears flowed down from my eyes and to say I was moved is an understatement. I was in the bus and I was literarily crying without caring who saw me and what might be going on in their minds. It was more of a soothing, consoling yet warning experience for me.

I decided to write what messages God would write in his letter to me so that I can see this in the future as a booster to what God told me.

Enjoy your read.

Dear Tasleemah,

A human like no other,

Created and made specially to be you not someone else

Unique in every aspect of your being

Beautiful inwardly and outwardly

Amiable and Lovable

A rare and special gem among precious stones

Blessed with so much than you know

Gifted with abilities suited for your existence

Why have you chosen to bother yourself so?

Why have you chosen to listen to lies spoken to you and about you?

Why have you refused to let memories of the past remain in the past?

Why do you choose self- Torture instead of self –Love, Self- Care?

Why do you focus on the negatives rather than the positives?

Why have you chosen to settle?

Do you think anyone can love you as much as I do?

Do you think anyone can harm you without my Knowing?

Or do you think, I purposefully let you suffer when you had to face those hardships you faced?

Or do you doubt my love for you because despite trying to be good a lot of “bad things” happened to you?

Do you think, I have not forgiven your sins and I am still punishing you?

Do you think that this gloomy phase in your life will last forever?

Hmmmmm……., you have a lot to learn from your own experiences. How, you ask?

When you could not meet up with expectations in your academics and eventually had to repeat a class, did I not show you that you could do whatever you set your mind to when you toped the class and since then people always call you intelligent

When you were mocked about a certain thing, didn’t you learn that it was their opinion and nothing else

When you had nobody to back you up, did I not prove to be the most solid back- up when you needed it most?

When they plotted and planned behind your back to make you miserable for the rest of your life, did you not find me there exposing all that they did and vindicated you?

If I was punishing you, you would not find help from people you do not know and when you least expect it.

You see, Tasleemah, my beloved creature, it’s all up to you

To realize that I forgive all sins and after my forgiveness, comes my mercy

To realize that you had to repeat a class, to be more serious with your studies because the task that lie ahead of you requires the dedication of one who is serious

To realize that I only want you to realize the potentials within you that’s why I put you in this situation. It things were better, you would not think of what you can do to better to make thing better.

When you had to handle two programs together, what did you discover about yourself? That you could effectively handle multiple tasks

To realize that yes it’s difficult, but time, effort and sticking to your goals will yield results that you never thought of

To know that I am not done with you and it’s very disrespectful of you to say you are done when I am not done. I know your mama taught you some manners, so do not shame her before me

To say, and believe with all conviction  that I LOVE YOU and want you to succeed more than anything.

I know you have all it takes because I created you and I know what is in you

I know what you go through but you have to tough it out.

You know it’s all in your perception about me

Remember that I said for anyone that cares to ask where I am, I responded that I am near and closer than you know

I also said that I am as my slave thinks of me.

So what do you think of me Tasleemah and you will find me as you think.

This is a summary of what God will tell me, what will your letter look like?

Love to hear from you.


P.s: The list is endless because in reality God communicates to us but we tend to ignore them

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2 Replies to “A letter from Allah to Tasleemah”

  1. More grace, this write up as bless my day and today I see God’s writing to me through your letter…

    1. Dear Titi,

      I am really glad that you found this beneficial and for taking time to read.

      Love and Regards

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