Let it go!

Where do I start from? Hmmmmm……..okay I will just start.

Some weeks back, I had a “small accident” and I picked up some lessons from which I shared. If you are interested, you can look it up here

Just a cut in the Hand

Interestingly, something somewhat similar happened but today but it did not result in the same the first one did.

It was more like what some refer to as Déjà vu because it was at the same spot in the same kitchen with a similar container.

While I did not go into details about how the accident happened last time, it would be appropriate to state it here so that you might get a clearer picture of my gist.

I was done with the Jar of Mayonnaise and wanted to return it into the fridge and somehow it slipped from my mind but I tried holding onto it and the result was a shred of glass cutting deeply into my little finger. I cried out as it pierced and in that instant something that could be best described as a shock ran through my body.

Nobody needed to tell me how deep the cut would be. I hurriedly placed my hands under running water to clean the mayonnaise over in order to assess the extent of the cut.

My dearly beloved mom was not around at the time so I had to take care of it myself. I ran to the first aid kit and looked for evergreen Methylated spirit.

I cleaned it up and applied pressure to stop the bleeding. Only then could I start thinking about what had just happened.

Lesson was simple: Yes I had a deep cut in my finger but that did not stop life. Care to know my reflection read more here

Fast forward to a few weeks later, something similar happened. I was about to return the jar of Mayonnaise back to the fridge after using it and it slipped again.

Yes it did. I am sure you would call me Butter fingers but let’s leave that for now.

What stuck at this incidence this time around was I did not try to hold on to it like the last time. It landed with a loud crash on the floor and I was dazed.

I looked at the floor at the pieces of glass on the floor and wondered at what had just happened.

Slowly and carefully so as not to hurt my feet, I moved away to pick a broom and clear the mess.

Initially, my mind was saying things like what’s wrong with you getting so distracted and breaking the jar a second time but I hurriedly pushed it away and in that instant a bulb lit up in my head.

I did not try to hold on to the jar and in because of that, I did not hurt my finger again.

Then I thought to myself, this could actually be related to other areas in my lives with respect to when we try to hold on to people, things, issues, events that do nothing but hurt us.

There will be times in our lives when we know within us that something is not salvageable but we hold on to it because we feel it’s the best thing to do.

Ironically, we get hurt and broken in the process of holding on.

This is not to say that we should let go off everything but we need to be objective, do a deep reflection on what’s not working for us and letting go peacefully. If you cannot be objective by yourself which most of us might find difficult to, seek opinion or counsel of people older, more experienced, more knowledgeable to assist you in making that required shift.

Worthy of note here is that letting go off things not working does not mean things will become easy but the rewards you get from this includes but not limited to

  1. A sense of peace
  2. You maintain your personality
  3. You trust your capabilities
  4. You grow to be a person without dependencies on “false attachments”

I just thought to share this. I hope it has impacted just like it did for me

Cheers and Regards.

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