Just One More

“Nothing really lasts forever” – Reality of Life


When you feel overwhelmed with everything and want to give up;

Remember that winners never quit and quitters never win

When it seems as if you are all alone in your struggle

Remember that even in the darkness, your own shadows leave you

When the hassles of life seem to increase by the day

Remember that life is not static which makes it more interesting to

When the bills keep on piling up without a means in sight to offset them

Remember to ask the one who provides for the birds and everyone to help ease your affairs

When nobody seems to understand why you do the things you do

Remember that the people who achieved great things were never understood

When you sit by yourself in thought and tears sting your eyelids threatening to spill

Remember that it is okay to cry but do not let your tears amount to waste

When it seems your voice is drowned amidst all the noise that surrounds you

Remember that the power to control your thoughts is within you not outside of you

When your search for inner peace seems to bring more confusion

Remember that confusion itself is an indicator that you are on a journey

When you feel like the result is unknown so why should I bother?

Remember that you will find out if you never try

When you feel like the darkness of the tunnel seem infinite

Remember that the darkest part of the night comes just before dawn

When you feel like you are going through a very difficult time

Remember the intense heat the pot has to pass through to make any delicious meal

When you feel like your relationship with your Lord is bad/ weak

Remember that his connection with you is unconditional

When you feel like you are caught in the web of life

Remember to appreciate the web because it takes expert skill to spin a web

When you worked so hard to achieve something and you don’t get the desired result

Remember to acknowledge your efforts and realize that a bigger success lies ahead

When you feel like there’s nothing more to live for

Remember you are but a creature and that decision is not yours to make

When everything seems beyond your control,

Remember that you are only human with limited capacity

When a particular path doesn’t work for you

Remember to try other alternatives/options because variety is the spice of life

When all hope seem lost and nothing seem to matter

Remember to give yourself Just one more excuse,  one more reason to continue grinding, fighting, staying positive, hoping for the best results because at  the end, it’s not what you go through that matters but what you become in the process.

Love and Regards.


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