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The prophet (Peace be upon him) advised us to give seventy excuses for our brothers and sisters when they wrong us such that we do not feel aggrieved and want to retaliate back.
This of itself is quite difficult and we beseech our Rabb to help us with patience in times when this is needed.
Another perspective to this is with thoughts settling in our mind about someone. I was a reading a book and a message in it lighted a bulb in my head about another wisdom in giving seventy excuses for your brother. In this book, we are advised not to allow thoughts settle in our minds such that we form conclusions about people and hold bad notions regarding them. We cannot control thoughts that come up in our mind but a way around these is to repel them and give excuses such that it doesn’t settle at all.

The practice of giving seventy excuses starts from thoughts going through our mind.  Thoughts as harmless as they might appear and seem most times could prove damaging if we do not watch them or repel them. Whilst we have been told that we will not be held accountable for our thoughts, we will be for our actions and if we are really observant, we will see that it all starts with a thought. A small thought that we failed to repel. The thoughts here are those that we will not consider good enough to express it. A good reminder before you beat yourself over them is that these thoughts are from shaytan who wants nothing good for you.

So, the way out will be to follow the advice given by our prophet (Peace be upon him)give seventy excuses as those thoughts come up and repel them with something better. Almighty Allaah being the merciful being he is who sees all our efforts will surely reward us for them as he promises us that no action of ours will ever amount to a waste.

We beseech him to help us remain steadfast and strive continuously on the path that leads to him.

Love and Regards

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