Happy New……….?

“The condition of anyone will remain the same until what they change what is within”

When we were younger, we used to have or hear the word happy new year and this was something that came once a year with so many activities. We would have people make New Year resolutions about almost everything they deemed fit appropriate for them at that time in their life but days and months into the year, none of those goals they set would materialise to become a reality for them and we would wonder why.

Presently, something else has been added to it which is happy new month. This one comes up every month commences so we greet each other happy new month 12 times a year. That’s a big one there.
When I hear someone tell me happy new month, I respond out of courtesy but I do not personally see the need for it.

There is something peculiar about the word Happy. It’s when you are celebrating and in a joyous mood but I wonder what we are actually celebrating when we say happy new month. I trust some people to respond with the statement that being alive is worth celebrating.
Yes, being alive is worth celebrating but what exactly about your life are you celebrating?

  1. Are you celebrating a major achievement?
  2. Are you celebrating being able to surmount some personal hurdles?
  3. Are you celebrating surviving a major health issue?

The list could go on and on but my question is what are you really celebrating that warrants the happy and all that comes with it.
It’s one thing to follow the bandwagon of saying happy new month but another thing to really worth and merit it.
Taking a look at the first paragraph about people setting New Year resolutions and not meeting it, a fundamental issue comes up. What part of you is new and different from what it has been?

When we set goals and do not strive to change what’s within, the result is that no change occurs.
So, we could wish ourselves happy New Year happy new month, happy new day, happy new hour etc., if we fail to renew some things from within, we will have no positive results to show for it.

It’s like housing the engine of an old car in a new casing and expecting it to run like a new car would. Yes, it might run but surely not at the speed of a new one.

We would only see viable and tangible results when we tweak ourselves from within what needs to be changed. Only then, would it be worthy to celebrate a new month or a new year or whatever you want to celebrate because you went within and made a change from inside which is one of the toughest battle we can fight.

This is not to condemn anybody but a reminder to me and anyone who reads to search from within what we need to change to really celebrate a New you.


Ps: How fast time flies.  In a few weeks time, we will be rounding up another working year. This might just be the right the time for some personal reflection about what is really new about you and what you want changed to really celebrate a New Year as it’s ushered in.

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2 Replies to “Happy New……….?”

  1. I like this analogy. After going beyond the topic, you see the challenge – make your life worth celebrating, every new day is a blessing on its own

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