God bless you Grandma

“Our actions today could mean a blessing or a curse for Generations to come”

Hmmmm, so yesterday night after a long day at work, I arrived home tired but I still had chores to do before hitting the bed. My Dad, refused to retire for the night even though I told him to. I will go he told me but he didn’t until I was done in fact, I went to sleep before he did

Daddy, please take this drink, how does it taste, and do you like it? I asked. It tastes nice and I like it he replied. As I walked away, my mind went to a conversation I had with my Dad previously.

The conversation went thus:

Me: Daddy, why do you never complain about any meal we prepare no matter how badly prepared it is.
Daddy: hmmm,
Me (jumping in again): How did you develop the capability of not complaining about meals
Daddy: that’s how we were brought up. My mom would tell us never to complain about meals even if it was not perfect like we wanted and it’s something that I held on to.

My Daddy amazes me with the things he does but this one of them. As in how could it be that a meal with so much salt or a meal that is burnt or worse still not properly cooked is not complained about by the person who is eating it.

This brings memories when we were younger and still learning to cook. A particular incident where my big sis prepared her first meal of Amala for the family and this had so many lumps and was not smooth as usual. My Dad did not scold her for a second all he said was she will get better and yes she got better but even after she got better if my sister or I made any meal that was not good, he would never complain. Even when we would come and start apologizing beforehand, he would just say be take care next time and the next time, he would say the same thing. Next time never ends for my Dad.

Reflecting on that conversation, I am grateful for the grandma I had because she was the one that taught my Dad to become who he was and you know who you are is a reflection of the kind of personality your children will have .Ultimately, I thank my Rabb for the Gift of my Grandma because she imbibed in my Dad the Sunnah of the prophet (Peace be upon him) where he said if you are not pleased with a meal, its better you just leave it rather than complaining because the person who prepared it has put in time and energy to do it so do not hurt them with your words (Peace be upon him ).
The moral if this story goes to all mothers. How are we raising our sons, are we raising them to be the type that will never appreciate or otherwise, are we raising them to be sensitive or inconsiderate people? How we raise them today determines the kind of husbands and fathers they will be to someone else daughters and we will sure want them to pray for us and not do otherwise

Thank you Grandma and I pray that almighty AlLah reunites us in Al-Jannah Firdaws. (Aameen)

Love and Regards

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