Birthdays are for?

I added a year to my sojourn on earth some weeks back and it inspired this write-up.  Hope it adds some color to your day.

Now, there is a general tradition to celebrate birthdays.  This event is usually marked with different activities for different people where the person who added a year is celebrated for their achievements amidst other things.

But a closer look at all this brings something to mind. Are we really the ones to be celebrated?
In the not so distant past, I was opportune to meet someone and she said something about birthdays being a day where she celebrates her mother because of all her sacrifice so that she might be born and I was touched.

Truly, our mothers deserve to be celebrated not only on mother’s day but every day and most importantly on our birthdays because that was:

  • A day their soul was between life and death so that we might be born
  • It was a day where sadly some lost their lives in the process
  • A day where some developed health conditions that would remain reversible forever
  • It was a day the pain they went through could kill but out of the mercy of the most merciful the pain did not kill them
  • It was a day that marked the beginning of a life they could never say was theirs alone started.

For them, it was a day that they will never forget because it was a day like no other.

So, I pose the question again. Is this day really to celebrate you or that wonderful being called your mother? Now, you might say, I worked to achieve all I have but ultimately, if she didn’t give that sacrifice, you might not be able to get all those achievements you have accomplished.

My religion tells me to honor my mother 3 times before my father. Did someone say that is being partial? Well I do not think so. You might say it’s because I am also a female but they sure deserve it.

Now, because this is coming later here but I made sure to appreciate my mom on my birthday. While, it might not be anyone’s birthday today or tomorrow, I want you to do something as you finish reading this. Do not delay it for later, do it now.

Pick up your phone and call that wonderful and lovely being called your mother and tell her you love her, that you are grateful for all she has done and is still doing for you. Apologize for all you might have done to upset her and you will be amazed at the response from her. Trust me it works like………….

In the same vein, if your mom is no longer with us, just say a word of prayer as you do for her wherever she is.

Celebrate your mom as frequently as possible because she is a gift you got for free from the big guy above.

Cheers and Regards,

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