Being like the Incense

                                   “The good you do today will one day benefit you”

The other day, I was feeling really down and trying to work myself out of that state. Getting to the office, I was greeted by the smile of a colleague as if that was not enough to lift my spirits, she proceeded to recount a conversation she had with someone and the details got me beaming from ear to ear.

To think that a post by me would turn out to be something that would lift my spirits up at that time. You can never underestimate a good that you do and the effect it has later on you.

Months later, something happens that brings me down and I am almost at my breaking point but somehow, a quote I read somewhere which I love comes to my mind and somehow, I begin feel better.

It takes a gradual process but you just take it as it comes.

Be like the Incense, the more it’s burnt; the more fragrances it releases.

The meaning of those words sink deeply and I can’t help but reflect on it over and over again.

There will be times in our life when it seems like things can’t get worse than this and when you least expect it, something happens that shakes you real bad.

It shakes you more than you expected because you felt you already had enough to deal with.

So, an additional problem almost breaks you totally.

You hurt and feel so much pain but you can’t continue like that forever.

Being like the incense that releases more fragrance as its burnt is not an easy one. Remember that to release that beautiful fragrance, the incense has to be put in fire.

Now, anyone who has been burnt by fire will sure agree that the feeling is not a pleasant one. But to get that fragrance, the incense has to go through the fire.

The same way, when those unpleasant experiences that we will have in our lives come, we should remember to release beautiful fragrances after they happen just like the incense does when it’s burnt.

Remembering this quote was able to help me put things in better perspective despite what I was feeling.

Yes, it hurts and doesn’t come easy but ultimately, when it helps us view occurrences (good or bad) through the right lenses.

May our Rabb help us to be of those who despite the pain, hurt, sadness etc.  we feel are able to view it from the proper perspective.

A reminder from the prophet might help here “Strange are the affairs of the believer, when good happens to him, he is grateful and when its otherwise, he remains grateful too”

May your incense release the most beautiful fragrance when it’s burnt. Aameen

Love and Regards,

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